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Our Expert Staff

“Love love love these guys!! The entire office is amazing. From the receptionists to the vet techs to the vets themselves- fantastic! I started going to PBVC 10 years ago and have never had anything less than an excellent experience.” – Jill R.


Gregory W. Lathrop, D.V.M. (Practice Owner)


Dr. Lathrop graduated from the Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. He has been promoting the human-companion animal bond at Powell Boulevard Veterinary Clinic since 1983. Greg has built his clinic successfully, following only two other veterinarians that preceeded him. Since the clinic has been here for more than 80 years, we have multi generations coming to us for their pets' needs.

Greg is the clinic's dental guru. He has done root canal therapies on pets and has even fit a dog for braces! When away from the office, Greg enjoys camping and fishing with his four children and 3 dogs. His wife and cat enjoy their quiet time when the rest of the family ventures into the great outdoors. 


Zoe Tokar, D.V.M.

Dr. Tokar


Dr. Tokar received her degree in Veterinary medicine from Oregon State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. From the earliest wellness care to complex geriatric issues, Dr. Tokar practices progressive medicine and will cheerfully discuss the best options for your pet.

Zoë says she considers herself so lucky to have found a career that combines the science of animal health, the art of compassion, and the beauty of the human-animal bond. Her goal is to provide progressive medicine and wellness care for your pet, guided by clear lines of communication, a thorough physical exam and the necessary diagnostic testing. Her special interests in veterinary medicine include all things feline, rehabilitation and physical therapy, anesthesia, pain management and dental health.

Time away from the office is spent making yogurt, doing yoga, bicycling around town, playing music on renaissance instruments, and entertaining her four indoor cats.  Zoe fondly calls her dog Willy, the "love sponge".

Katy Felton, D.V.M.


Dr. Felton grew up in the Dalles, Oregon. She says she has always had a love of animals, especially those who needed to be rescued or adopted. At one point she had 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 4 ducks and 3 chickens! Talk about "understanding" parents!

She attended her undergrad at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon (another small town) and received her degree in Biology while simultaneously working as a Veterinary Technician. Dr. Felton then spent 4 years working with Canada Geese, Salmon, Steelhead and desert tortoise before finally deciding that Veterinary medicine was her true passion. Dr. Felton attended Veterinary school at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon (another small town!?!?!?)

She is currently living with 2 cats (rescues of course), Lupe the rescued Chihua Chihua and her best friend and husband Alex. BTW, Lupe has a more extensive wardrobe than most Super Models! She even has her own dresser to store them all in! (We aren't kidding...)

Dr. Felton's hobbies are tennis, jogging, camping, playing the piano, wine tasting, spending time with her family, and TENNIS. (Did we mention that she really likes tennis?)

Chicory Eddy, D.V.M.


Dr. Eddy is originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1998.  Her first job out of school landed her in beautiful Juneau,  Alaska, where she stayed for 8 long years (Portland is dry compared to the northern rain forest in Southeast Alaska!).

While in Alaska she became very experienced in treating all types of trauma and illness, as referral to a specialist wasn't an option in this isolated community.  Aside from the usual cats and dogs she also worked with all types of exotic pets and wildlife, raptors in particular.  Dr. Eddy became known as a "foster failure" - at one point she had 3 dogs, 6 cats, a 20 year old Amazon parrot, and an outside pond full of large goldfish.

The isolation and rain finally got to her in 2006 and she moved to Oregon.  She now especially enjoys counseling clients about preserving the human-animal bond through preventive medicine, particularly nutrition, behavior, and geriatrics.

Outside of work Dr. Eddy enjoys gardening, hiking, and running with her younger dog, Ajax.  She is especially active in the dog world of the Pacific Northwest in Agility, Obedience, and Rally Obedience. Badger is 13 and still competes lightly in Agility and Rally Obedience.  Ajax is 6 and excelling at the highest levels of all three sports, he's such a fun dog to work with!  Both dogs are also certified Canine Good Citizens and retired Therapy Dogs.

Welcome Dr. Eddy! We are thrilled to have you on our team!

      MeiMei Welker, D.V.M.

MeiMei Welker  

Dr. Welker comes to Powell Blvd Veterinary Clinic after working more than 6 years as a staff veterinarian at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital.  The past 3 years have been spent in the community Outreach position. This time has brought a deep respect and appreciation for the human-animal bond and the profound and unique role animals play in our lives.  Dr. Welker says she hopes to utilize this experience and knowledge to provide the best possible care for animals and their families at PBVC.  Her philosophy of care is to fully involve pet families in the decision making process through communicating as much knowledge as possible so that people can make informed decisions in the care of their animal companions throughout the stages of their lives. 

MeiMei’s love and appreciation of animals began at a young age growing up on a small farm in Western NY.  The farm included one jersey cow milked by hand and a retired race horse named Frosted Tinsel amongst a menagerie of cats, dogs and chickens.  From this beginning she attended Cornell University, graduating with a degree in animal science.  Her sense of adventure and love of the outdoors brought her west to attend Washington State University Veterinary School.  Since graduation in 2001, she has worked in both general practice and emergency/critical care medicine.  Her professional interests lie in emergency/urgent care, feline medicine and soft tissue surgery.

 When not at PBVC she enjoys spending time with her family which includes a well behaved golden retriever, Banjo and an ill-behaved little spotted dog, Daisy Mae, one orange feline, Phred and 2 human children, 5 year old twins, Quinn and Elise.  She also enjoy running in the woods, mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing and snowboarding.      

Steve Ault, D.V.M.

 Steve Ault  

Dr. Ault moved to Portland in 2014 after nearly 7 years away from the city. While originally from Salt Lake City, UT, he came to love Portland while attending the University of Portland for his undergraduate degree. He fell in love with the culture, vibe, and laid-back attitude of the city. Steve says he knew that he would have to make it back to Portland.

He took some time after graduating from UP to obtain more experience before attending veterinary school. Dr. Ault has worked not only in a small animal clinic, but also an equine hospital and an exotics clinic. He attended veterinary school at Washington State University in Pullman, WA (Go Cougs!). After graduation, he returned to Salt Lake City and worked in a large veterinary hospital. In addition to providing general medicine and surgery, the hospital offered 24-hour emergency care where he gained a lot of technical and medical experience managing ER cases (though he says he doesn’t miss the night shifts). Currently, his personal interests in veterinary medicine include internal medicine, soft-tissue surgery, emergency medicine, nutrition, ultrasonography, and dentistry.

Dr. Ault says, “I believe strongly in the human-animal bond and the distinct ways animals and pets can enhance peoples’ lives. I feel that the bond with their pet is unique for everyone, but all points are valid and special. I hope to utilize my medical knowledge as a single avenue to enhance the human-animal bond for people and their pets.

When not focusing on improving the health of animals, I typically enjoy “outdoor” activities… While at UP, I ran cross country along with track and field, so I still run constantly. I enjoy biking, both road and mountain. Since I like to run and bike, I have recently been doing triathlons and really enjoying them! Being from Utah, I am definitely a ski bum at heart! My wife, Whitney, is a Nurse Practitioner and works at OHSU. I have a Labrador-mix named Stella, a German Wirehair Pointer named Teke, and a cat named Vivian.”

Welcome to the team Dr. Ault!!!

Hospital Manager


Denise Firenze Cropped  

Denise is on her second tour as an employee of PBVC; she  worked here in 1996 during the "great remodel" as a technician, and she is back again as the hospital manager.

Prior to working at Powell the first time Denise moved to Vancouver from the Skagit Valley, (where she was born and bred) so she could attend the Veterinary Technician program at PCC in 1992. She liked it so much that she's STILL in the Greater Portland area! To add to the technician degree she also has collected both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Business Management from Concordia University.

When she's not going to school or working Denise enjoys hanging out at home with her beloved pets: Edge (Kitty McBiscuit) and Hewson or going to the barn to ride her horse Firenze. She also enjoys movies, television, the band U2, surfing the net, road trips and U2...whups, did we say U2 twice? (Not an accident, it's just that important it bears mentioning twice). Welcome back Denise!!!!

Technical Support Staff



Leah came to Portland July 1, 2007 from Northern California where she worked in the Veterinary field since 2002. Prior to that she worked at the local Humane Society as well as some of the local farms.


Leah has a cat Jasper whom she rescued from a shelter, and a Chihuahua named Uma Thurman. Most recently, Pete the chocolate lab has taken up residence with Leah! In addition to her pets, Leah also has a husband named Shaun. In her spare time she enjoys movies, friends, family and animals.

Animals really "dig" her calm, soothing nature.






Nina sought a position in a veterinary clinic based on a strong combined interest in both animals and science. In addition to working for us here at Powell Boulevard Veterinary Clinic, we are also pleased to share that as of June 2008 Nina is a graduate of the P.C.C. Veterinary Technician Program and has passed her National Boards as a Certified Veterinary Technician!!! 

Nina coexists with 2 guinea pigs named Rosie and Lily, and one dog. When she's not here at the clinic she enjoys reading, watching movies, playing video games, watching foreign dramas, browsing the internet and volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society.




Jamie has lived in North Portland her whole life. She graduated from the PCC vet tech program in 2009. In her spare time she likes to work on her new house and play with her 3 dogs Lolita, R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size), and Guillermo. She also lives with 4 cats: Beatrix Kiddo,Plopoo, Captain Handsome and Barbarella. When she's not working at her job or on her house Jamie also likes to volunteer for P.A.W. team as much as possible. 

On the non-pet front she is a huge Portland Trail Blazers fan and enjoys season tickets! Welcome Jamie! We are glad to have you on our team!



Linja was adopted by her parents into the United States from Korea, and has moved around from the East Coast to the West Coast her entire life. She came to work with us here at Powell Boulevard Veterinary Clinic fresh from an 8 year career of working with various animal shelters around the country.

For fun Linja likes to take friends "jogging". Her definition of "jogging" is running the stairs at Mt. Tabor. She also likes to help homeless dogs out by giving them food from time to time! Thanks for all you do Linja!




Maria comes to us from Philadelphia, PA where she received a BA in Biology at the University of Delaware in 2001. Post graduation she moved to the NW and attended the Veterinary Technology program at PCC and passed her National Boards to become a Certified Veterinary Technician!


When Maria isn't busy at work she enjoys attending concerts, camping and traveling abroad (or locally) to sample International cuisine. When she is home, she spends time with her husband Ryan, dogs Nesta and Reuben, as well as her cats George and Fred.

We heart Maria!


Neal Profile Pic  

Neal was born and raised in New York City and moved to Oregon when he was 14. He has worked in Veterinary medicine for most of his adult life, Neal's veterinary experience is quite diverse, having worked at an emergency hospital as well as a spay and neuter clinic. He prides himself on having experienced Veterinary medicine from many different angles.

When he isn't working at the clinic, Neal enjoys spending time with his two cats; Deacon (who has had almost every urinary problem known to vets) and Violet who is very "opinionated" He also enjoys watching terrible horror movies and making music with his friends.

Welcome to the team Neal!








 Dan resized 3



A native of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State, Dan (gracefully) stumbled into Portland by train on October 28th, 2011 to try some place new. He happily found a place here at Powell Vet to nurture his love for animals and the desire to support and comfort them.  Previously considering himself a staunch 'cat person', Dan quickly found a soft spot just as big and cozy for canines, often sad to see patients leave for the day.

At home he enjoys the relative peace of his computer nook, playing games, composing electronic music and typing up notes for stories he may yet author two decades from now...if lucky.  Dan keeps company with three cats (Anna, Booger and Sebastian) and one dog named Stanley. Not to mention four other humans he considers family.






katy and lolly resized


My love for animals started at a young age whether I was playing with the barn cats or taking home my grade school chincilla. I was always wanting a furry friend nearby.I grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota where my parents owned and operated a pet store. I moved to Portland in 2008 after graduating from Montana State University with an Organismal Biology degree.  I was fortunate enough to do my internship/volunteer work with birds of prey at the Montana Raptor Center for the last two years attending college.My favorite hobby is traveling, whether it's in-state or in a different country.  One of my more recent adventures was Thailand, where I spent four weeks nurturing elephants.  You can find me dabbling in the wonderful Portland food scene, walking my dog Lollie in SE Portland or relaxing with my boyfriend and family on the weekends. My favorite thing about being part of Powell Blvd Vet Clinic is getting to know you and your loved ones.

Reception Staff


Melissa and Benni Resized otra vez  

Melissa was born and raised in the NW and currently resides in Vancouver.  Her furry family includes a Lhasa/Maltese mix named Benni, a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix named Cherry Pie, a previously feral orange tabby named Pumpkin Head and an older feline named Lucky. 

She spends her free time with her daughter, other family and friends.  She enjoys various outdoorsy activities, some of which include camping and hiking.  Melissa also aspires to be a beekeeper with her own natural apiary someday.


Hanna pic




 Hannah came to Powell Blvd. Veterinary Clinic after a year in the Peace Corps where she was stationed in Peru. She spent her time there working in the Environmental Resource Management program with an emphasis in Community Development. It was there that she came across a tiny puppy in a crate of chickens at a flea market, and she promptly fell in love. The Peruvian puppy, who is named Tabor and who is now a rowdy one year old, made the journey back to the States with Hannah when her time in the Peace Corps was over.
Hannah originally got a B.A. in Spanish and a B.A. in Environmental Studies at the University of Redlands in Southern California, but since getting a job at the Powell Blvd Vet Clinic, she has fallen in love with the field of Veterinary Medicine. Starting out as a receptionist, she is also cross-trained as a Veterinary Technician Assistant. In her free time Hannah enjoys running, reading, snuggling with Tabor, camping, and spending time with friends/family





Lindsay grew up in central California and moved to Portland to finish her BA in Theater. She has been here since 2008 and is thrilled to be part of the PBVC staff! Currently Lindsay has two awesomely cuddly kitties, Lincoln and Lewis, but over the years with her family, has lived with all kinds of animals, including, dogs, snakes, a turtle, birds and guinea pigs.

Lindsay also enjoys traveling (saw Paul McCartney in Wales while abroad!), cooking, trying different brews with her boyfriend and best friend Hans, playing/writing music and spends way too much time on Pinterest

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