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Evan Howells

“I want to thank you again for your exceptional good sense, kindness and expertise. I truly value you.” – Bernadette


Our Goal

The goal of Powell Blvd. Veterinary Clinic is to provide friendly, compassionate care in a clean, family-like setting. Our focus is the celebration of the human/pet bond and all the joy it brings to life. We know that your pets are part of your family, so we treat them like they are part of ours!

Community Outreach

We here at Powell Blvd. Veterinary Clinic pride ourselves on being a privately owned and operated facility which unlike the large corporate chains strives to keep the money in OUR community through several different means. We support other local business, donate to various school auctions, have staff that does some community outreach and we have the Guardian Angel Fund. We are also looking into eventually having a ‘green roof’, and switching to wind power. Though we are not the oldest practice in Portland, we are the only practice in Oregon that has been the same location it’s entire history. We provide hospital tours for girl scouts; have worked with local high schools to have students observe on career days, as well as participating with the PCC Tech. program. How's that for "keeping it local"?!

Clinic History

Powell Blvd Veterinary Clinic is the oldest veterinary clinic in the city still located at its original site. The clinic was built by Dr Kreitzer in 1929, and served as both his residence and clinic. Its original name was Canine Clinic and Hospital as it reflected the only species considered to be a valuable enough pet to warrant spending money on. Until that era the vast majority of veterinarians were trained to treat only the livestock and working animals of the time. Some of our clients and their families still tell us stories of having to ring the doorbell to enter and of being seated in Dr. Kreitzer's living room until he was ready to see their pet. Yes, he was always willing to see cats too, but they were not commonly kept as pets in that era.


Dr. Kreitzer sold his practice to Dr. Rennick in 1953 and the tradition continued relatively unchanged throughout his practice career. Many of our current clients comment that they like having a clinic that is open all year 'round because, you see, Dr Rennick was a solo practioner and took his annual vacation from mid December to mid January each year.


Dr. Lathrop purchased the practice from retiring Dr. Rennick in 1984 and immediately set about modernizing the equipment and facility. The building was again completely remodeled in 1997 to accomodate our ever increasing equipment demands and our interest in pet dentistry. The charm of the spanish architecture and hominess of the original "living room with fireplace" was retained to celebrate our connection with the past. Please come and visit us for all your pet medical care needs.

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