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With 2016 off to a great start at Powell Veterinary Center, we will be returning to our regularly scheduled monthly pet stories featuring some of the very special animals that we meet here at the clinic. This month, in light of the recent adoption of Ziggy the cat into her forever home, we are pleased to share the story here of how she came to us at the clinic and how her spunky and affectionate nature won over the hearts of our staff and her new human family!

Ziggy is a nine year old tortoiseshell lady cat who was a patient at our clinic since 2011. In early 2014 she was brought in with a high fever and was not eating. Her bloodwork results helped Dr. Katy Felton to diagnose her with hyperthyroidism, a condition that could be easily managed with regular medication. Unfortunately, her owners at the time could not afford to keep her on the medication she needed to take long-term to manage her symptoms and give her a good quality of life. Without regular treatment for her hyperthyroidism, Ziggy unfortunately developed some related health problems and behavioral issues.

In July of 2015, Ziggy’s owners were considering euthanasia, but because our doctors here were unwilling to do this, they ultimately opted to give her up to our clinic (thanks, Dr. Ault!). Ziggy was boarded here for several months. As soon as she started taking thyroid medication regularly, she got her appetite back, began to eat and drink more and started feeling like herself again! Our clinic staff got to know her and learned how friendly and affectionate she is with just about everyone. After a few months of living at the clinic, one of our newer technicians, Ally, took Ziggy home for the weekend. She enjoyed Ziggy’s silly antics and cuddly affection so much that she ended up fostering her for almost four months! Ziggy got along well with Ally’s dog, Theo, and loved to smother Ally with affection and “beg” for people food. Ally made sure to give her lots of attention and helped her put on some much needed weight on a new diet.