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Louie is one of the cats of Lindsay, one of our receptionist. Here she talks about him:

Louie is literally the sweetest cat ever created. He’s a medium hair and is very fluffy, over an otherwise pretty slender/sleek physique. We got him from Cat Adoption Team (great organization if you’re ever in the market for a kitty!) when he was about 8 or 10 weeks. We kept him in the bathroom right off the bat, they recommend that, as to not scare the new arrival in their new home. We have another cat, Lincoln, and we knew we eventually needed to get him a playmate (too many times pouncing on our feet! ha). We were looking for a kitten that was sweet enough but also playful and scrappy enough to hold his own (Lincoln can play rough sometimes). When we went in the room to meet him, he immediately was playing with the toys they gave us to bring him out of his shell, and had such a great personality, we knew in a few seconds we were going home with him.

He’s had a couple of medical issues in his short life: ringworm and tummy upset episodes among them. Both cats actually had to struggle with ringworm for a bit (we think Lincoln was the one who brought it into the house), and you could see a spot where Louie had it right under his eye. After some medication prescribed by Dr Felton, he fully recovered!

He also had a while there were he seemed to be throwing up his food more often than not. We worked with Dr Welker, troubleshooting what it could be. We ruled out some things with blood work, then started on diet changes (trying more specialized limited ingredient diets). After working with her and making these changes, they helped and now he only coughs up the occasional hairball!

All in all, he’s been a great cat, for us and for Lincoln. Hopefully he has many more years with us ailment free!