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Our April Pet of the Month is our very own sweet Bambi aka “B”, “B dog” or “Miss Bay. Bambi is an 8 year old Beagle-Terrier Mix with a natural bob tail. She and her biological mother Lily came in to mom Lyndee’s life when her neighbor passed and they went to live at their new forever home with Lyndee.

Bambi and her mom Lily



Bambi prefers to spend her time patrolling the neighborhood from her deck, walking to the river with her newest brother and best bud, a mixed rescue named Cody, and playing with the laser pointer. She likes any and all food because as Lyndee says “she’s part beagle”. When Bambi is done with her appointment here at Powell Blvd, she lets mom know she is ready to go home by having a full conversation with mom in Beagle barks in the lobby.




A few months ago, Bambi became very sick when she came down with Pneumonia. Bambi stayed overnight at Northwest Veterinary Specialists for two nights. With the help of different treatments and medications and the collaboration between the team at Northwest Veterinary Specialists and our doctors here at Powell Boulevard Vet, Bambi overcame the Pneumonia and is now back to her happy energetic self.