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Meet our January Pet of the Month, Gabriel! We first met Gabriel a few months back for an annual exam, to update vaccines and a heart worm test with Dr. Ault, who noticed Gabriel had a fractured tooth and an infection in another tooth. Dr. Ault recommended these both be removed.

Fast forward to a few days after Gabriel’s dental procedure where the teeth in question were removed, little Gabriel had some complications from the procedure. His mom and dad noticed some facial swelling and redness, and he just wasn’t acting like himself. They took him to be seenĀ at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital where the staff could keep an eye on him overnight. After some supportive care such as fluids to keep him hydrated, antibiotics, pain medication, and lab work to evaluate what exactly might be the root cause of his symptoms, he started on the mend.

Gabriel loves to play with his best friend and sibling Stella, and loves to cuddle on the couch with his parents (big baby!). He loves banana chips and carrots (seriously, the cutest snacks ever), and he tap dances for his breakfast and dinner. When Gabriel gets excited or gets his paws wet, he turns into a “hyena” and zoomies through the house, jumping off the furniture and walls. He also sing-yawns when he’s happy.

What a silly boy! Thank you to mom Lauren and dad Christopher for sharing Gabriel with us. The smile on this boy would make anyone’s day better!

Gabriel and his favorite toy “scrimpy”