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Our October Pet of the Month is Reckless. He is aptly named because he is a real instigator. He loves to play with his brother, and LOVES to be held when he decides he wants to be. If we wants attention, he will get it. Whether that means playing in boxes or disrupting his Mom as she tries to work from home.

Almost two months ago, Reckless came in and saw Dr. Drennen because he was very sick and had recently lost a lot of weight. His owner was very concerned for him. While here, Dr. Drennen recommended we do in-house labwork to see what may be going on with him. In doing so, we found out Reckless had severe anemia. This means his hematocrit, which is the percent of red blood cells in the body, was at an 11%, which is an extremely low and very dangerous percentage. Dr. Drennen acted fast, recommending aggressive supportive care such as subcutaneous fluids and transferred him to Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital where he received a blood transfusion the same day.

Here Reckless is pictured with his littermate Mojo.

This transfusion saved his life. Reckless immediately snapped back. The day after his transfusion, he came back in to see Dr. Drennen. His hematocrit was already drastically improved to a safer level. Since this ordeal, he is only getting better. His hematocrit has been rechecked and increases at each follow up appointment, he is gaining weight and his owner reports he is doing great!

If you are interested in your pet being a blood donor, please contact Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital at (503)228-7281.