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Its August! And that means a new pet of the Month has been chosen! This month the winner is Rudy the Boxer! Rudy is no stranger here to us at Powell Vet Center! Rudy loves Dr. Welker and has been to visit us quite often here for various reasons. He has made himself right at home!



His mom Anne says here he is listening intently to Dr. Welker, learning about the dangers of stick eating!



Rudy has a few simple joys in life, as we all should. A few include hugs from his Papa, riding in the car, his sister Willow, and sitting in laps. He loves chicken and rice and pumpkin mashed together. And he loves doing errands with the music turned up loud in the car.. Could this face be any cuter?!


How did Anne come to meet Rudy? Anne’s closest friend Mark had to unexpectedly say goodbye to his Boxer family member Ruby last summer when she crossed the rainbow bridge. Anne and Mark were both very sad with the sudden loss of a beautiful baby. When Ruby’s breeder had a new litter, Anne and Mark both got litter mates, Rudy and Willow. Rudy was named in loving memory of Ruby.


Rudy sure has been a trooper these past few months. He has been a ray of sunshine through his neuter procedure with Dr. Flora, a few appointments with Dr. Welker for various things such as gastritis, kennel cough, and an abscess treatment on his cheek which required being flushed and for him to come in and get all the loving’s from our staff who just adore him! Rudy is on the way to recovery from his ailments and I’m sure he has plans to focus on growing up to be a big boy! Thank you to Anne for sharing your boy with us!