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Our fabulous Pet of the Month for July is Jasper! Jasper came into his humans lives when an acquaintance’s dog had a litter of puppies with a mixed breed farm dog. Jasper was the result of that and is actually the runt of the litter and has a cleft lip. The owner of the momma dog knew Jasper’s parents were looking for another family member and that they had some experience with specific health needs dogs. Jasper was 10 weeks old when he joined his new family as a little ball of fluff.


I work in pediatric rehab therapies and have been wanting a therapy dog for some time- I have high hopes for Jasper’s future in the hospitals and schools with children who also have physical disabilities.

Jasper is mellow as far as puppies go, however, like most of his puppy companions, he is goofy, loves playing with and destroying stuffed toys, playing fetch with his Chuckit, doing tricks and LOVES to eat all the food he can. This explains how he has grown 30+ pounds since his first visit to see Dr. Felton in February!  At home, he gets the zoomies with his smaller furry siblings around 8 o’clock at night and then it’s time for a cozy spot for bed! A dog after my own heart!


Over the last few months Jasper came in and received lots of treats and affection from both the Reception team and our Technical Support Staff (look at those beautiful eyes!) Each time Jasper’s visits to the vet have been very normal puppy problems such as gastrointestinal issues that have been fixed with some medications to make his stomach feel better and probiotics to keep things moving along as they should!  His parents have done a wonderful job caring for him and ensuring he gets all the treatment needed to help him heal up quickly and grow into a big strong boy!




We look forward to our continued care of Jasper here and we feel so thankful for the opportunity to watch him grow!