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Our April Pet of the Month is Lou, also known as Big Lou or Lou Lou. He is a Pitbull, and he is a sweet, gentle, silly boy who has won all of our hearts. It’s no wonder when his human mom Nicola first met him at the Pico Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, California, he went home with her and he has been in his forever home since then.



Lou comes in every few weeks to see us to get injections of Adequan, a medication used to alleviate pain caused by arthritis. He is always the best boy, and is known around here for always wearing some adorable piece of fashion. He always comes in smiling and brightening each of our days!



Some of Lou’s favorite things to do include doing back flips at the park, hanging out with his favorite homeless friends (what a social boy!) and hanging out with his people wherever he goes, putting smiles on everyone’s face. His mom says he loves chicken but is on a vegan dog food diet due to having a bad tummy. (We’re sorry, we wish we could give you ALL of the cookies and treats, we don’t like diets either!)



We love you Lou!