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Our March Pet of the Month is Max, one of my personal all time favorite dogs. Max is very passionate about treats and he LOVES peanut butter more than any dog we’ve ever seen. He is a ten year old Keeshond relocated from captivity. Max has ALOT of energy and will not be shy when requesting more treats or more play time. His mom Deb and dad George say that he hasn’t quite graduated out of adolescence (but they keep waiting).

He’s full of energy and is always ready for another outing even when the rest of his pack is eager to put their feet up and pour another glass of their favorite beverage.

His favorite activities are marking his territory (he has a Conquistador’s attitude toward the notion of “territory”), trolling for Taco Bell in the neighborhood shrubbery, barking vigorously at skateboarders, cleansing the sidewalk beneath Sckavone’s picnic tables of organic debris (his civic duty),  pointing out all the dogs, squirrels, crows,  and motorcycles in the vicinity of HIS front porch, charging the regular Mail Carrier a toll for the privilege of depositing our mail in the box, and, most recently,  flushing out hummingbirds, juncos,  and bushtits from the photinia on the north side of HIS yard.

A few months ago, Max came in to see Dr. Lathrop because he had a growth on his forehead that needed to be removed.  He was such a trooper when coming in for bandage changes and suture removals for a short time after the procedure, all the while still demanding (very adorably) his peanut butter reward. He also comes in for cold laser therapy treatments, which is a highly effective treatment for soft tissue injuries, pain, arthritis, and certain other conditions. Max gets this treatment on his hips to help reduce the degenerative joint disease he has been diagnosed with.

Max’s parents told us when they were told he was picked for this month, “Max has fooled you all. He’s a holy terror with a smile.” In response, we say mischievous Max is always welcome to more cookies and rewards here at Powell Blvd Vet Center.