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Just as his name eludes to, Beastie Boy is a true rebel who fought for his right to party. In early January of this year, Beastie Boy came to us with his belly severely distended and it was clear he was unable to urinate on his own. A urethral blockage in cats, which almost always happens in males, is life threatening if not treated immediately. Dr. Flora performed an emergency operation to have the obstruction removed, but that was only the first step to his care and recovery.

It was clear from the beginning that Beastie Boy has an incredible amount of spunk, and doesn’t like to comply without asserting himself. In the first day of his hospitalization, he managed to remove his urethral catheter. Twice. He also protested to being shuffled around in his carrier, though his treatment required that he stay at Dove Lewis overnight and be monitored during the day at Powell Veterinary Center. All of this, Beastie Boy’s human, Brian, did during one of the worst snow storms Portland has ever seen. Brian came to us in the evening as the day was darkening over icy roads, to take Beastie Boy to the overnight hospital downtown where Beastie Boy’s care continued. This became a daily occurrence for the next five days.



Throughout this ordeal, Brian said the care Beastie Boy received was “amazing”. Three of the veterinarians on our staff oversaw Beastie Boy’s care: Dr. Felton, Dr. Welker and Dr. Flora. Brian was also great to work with. Having all the patience in the world, he did everything he could for his furry friend. A mere two months later, Beastie Boy visited Powell again, but this time it was for his annual checkup. Beastie Boy continues to be his normal self, or “as normal as any cat can be” according to Brian.

Brian has a long history with Beastie Boy, adopting him when he was a wee six months old from the Oregon Humane Society. “As I picked him up, he climbed onto my shoulders and nuzzled my ear,” says Brian. Now he loves to nuzzle Brian’s armpits. “The stinkier the better”. Beastie Boy is also friendly with the neighborhood cats and enjoys playing outside with them. On occasions when the door happens to be open, he will often invite his buddies over for dinner. Any one who has had the pleasure of meeting Beastie Boy will know that he is one cool cat.