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If you’ve recently visited Powell Veterinary Center, then you’ve probably been introduced to our new clinic cat, Millie. When she first arrived she was barely able to walk, shaking, and, to add insult to injury, covered in fleas. A woman who lives near the clinic found Millie in her garden and brought her straight to us. Dr. Welker examined her and found that she had infected pressure sores on the backs of her paws and several infected teeth. The good samaritan who brought Millie in had pets of her own to care for, but donated what money she could towards Millie’s treatment.

No matter the variety of Fancy Feast and Friskies offered to Millie, getting her to eat proved difficult. Her labs showed that she was severely anemic and it was clear she needed to build her strength back up. Dr. Flora performed dental work in which five infected teeth were removed. It wasn’t long after that MIllie’s appetite was back.

“She was so sweet and easy going. Being an older pet she would have been hard to adopt out.”

-MeiMei Welker, DVM


Both doctors dedicated time and resources to ensure Millie had the chance to lead all nine of her lives. The rest of the staff have also given time and money to foster Millie. Darby takes time out on Sundays to give Millie her medication, food, and of course, some TLC, while other staff purchase food for Millie and scoop her litter on a daily basis.

(On the right is a photo of Millie before we gave her a bath. It might be hard to tell, but Mille was in desperate need of some grooming.)

Millie before her bath. Hard to see in the photo but she was in desperate need of grooming.

Today Millie greets us in the morning with her matronly croaks, which could also be interpreted as a demand for food. She can be found scuttling around the clinic in exploration, though when caught, she will often run back to her safe zone behind the desk. She enjoys catnip and long naps on the cozy bed Leah bought for her. Her now vibrant coat and munchkin-like features make her an office favorite.

 “I love how snuggly she is.”

-Natalie, receptionist

We love Millie dearly, but she is still in need of a forever home. If you have any interest, don’t hesitate to contact the clinic or come by during office hours to meet Millie.