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Duke, now 9 months old, is a pint sized Bichon Frise with a personality the size of an Irish Wolfhound. Loving snuggles and squeaky toys just as much as any family pet, Duke is also a real pack leader. While on walks, Duke stands patiently by, ensuring all members, even the slowest ones, are keeping pace. Duke is so well acquainted with his friends that he even recognizes the sound of them coming from an entire city block away, and will eagerly await them at the front door.

Not only does Duke love to make friends of the human variety, but he has also attempted to introduce himself to the local wildlife. Recently, Duke caught a whiff of a possum in his back yard. Mammoth-like compared to Duke, the possum lumbered away, and was not able to escape Duke. Duke had no idea how to greet his nocturnal friend, who then fled under the balcony. Fortunately, Duke quickly lost interest once he heard the treat bag rustling inside the kitchen. Both Duke and the possum came away from the incident unscathed, though we can’t guarantee the possum wasn’t rattled by Duke’s vivacious energy.

Everyone at Powell Veterinary Center has been so kind, supportive and helpful.  We love Dr. Welker and all of the staff.

-Duke's Mom

Duke had a rough start in the beginning. His frequent bouts of diarrhea brought him to the clinic more than Duke would have liked, but his owner patiently and steadfastly followed the recommendations Dr. Welker gave. Now his owners manage his condition with a well regimented prescription diet and a daily dose of Fortiflora. Because of the strict diet, Duke has evolved into a quick scavenger for fallen crumbs. Duke has also perfected the art of begging, and will spring on his hind legs, paws in the air, in what his family loving refer to as the “trained circus monkey pose.”


In the future, Duke’s family hopes to share his warm charisma with the rest of the world by training him to be a service dog. In the meantime, we always look forward to seeing Duke and his family at Powell Veterinary Center.