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There’s a huge personality in this tiny little package! Our December Pet of the Month is Mochi, a two year old Yorkshire Terrier who loves his people, snuggling in his donut bed, and taking long cruises around his neighborhood in his red sweater (a must for pups in this chilly winter season we’re having!). Mochi is a smart, good-spirited friend who gives his family plenty of laughs with his silly behavior and quirky habits. Mochi joined his family when he was a brand new puppy, and has been coming in to Powell Vet Center to see Dr. Ault for just as long. He has visited us for regular wellness check-ups as well as for a few mishaps involving grapes. Many dog owners may not know about the dangerous effects of grapes when consumed by dogs.They can be toxic even in small quantities, and can cause acute kidney failure several days after consumption. The risk of toxicity is especially high for a small dog like Mochi!

Luckily, Mochi’s family knew about this danger and did exactly the right thing when Mochi ate some grapes that fell from the grapevine in their yard – they brought him straight to Dr. Ault, who induced vomiting to make sure that the toxicity wouldn’t progress. After hydration with fluids and checking his blood to make sure there was no damage done to Mochi’s kidneys, he was back to his happy, healthy, funny ways. Mochi’s family eventually removed the grapevine from their yard so that little Mochi could romp around and play outside (one of his favorite activities!) without any worry of any more emergency visits to the clinic. We are all looking forward to seeing Mochi again for a routine wellness exam sometime soon!