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Fall is in full swing and we are still seeing many tiny bright-eyed kittens each day. Our October Pet of the Month is a very special one – a sweet, gentle, and resilient kitten whose first five months of life have been a tough journey, but a joy to witness!

MoMo was born in May of this year, and fell into the care (and hearts!) of the Delicious Mickey Grrrl Rescue (a local feline-focused nonprofit) after she was found on the streets of Portland by our technician assistants Ally and Lauren. Despite her rough start in life, she was almost immediately trusting, affectionate, and cuddly with people. At the time when she was rescued, MoMo had very limited mobility in her hind legs, was underweight, and was also quite low-energy for a kitten. Everyone who knew MoMo was worried about her and wondered whether her health would improve.

MoMo visited Dr. Drennen and Dr. Felton to have some diagnostic tests and treatments, including x-rays and an ultrasound to help determine the best plan to help her recover and grow into a healthy adult cat. ​The rescue ​signed her up fo​r​ physical therapy including​ chiropractic adjustments, acupressure​​, an​d cold laser treatments. Lots of playtime with her foster mom also gave her plenty of opportunity to build up strength in her limbs and body.

Over just a few short weeks of loving care and therapeutic treatment, we are happy to report that MoMo made a complete and full recovery. Her initial anemia resolved, her legs gained strength, and her healthy appetite helped her gain weight normally – she is now a beautiful, playful, and mobile “teenaged” kitten who recently weighed in at a healthy six pounds! She came in for her spay procedure with Dr. Felton earlier this month and and has had all of her kitten vaccinations.

Now that MoMo is thriving, the Delicious Mickey Grrrl Rescue is working on finding her a perfect permanent home. If MoMo has stolen your heart and you are able to provide a calm, caring environment to help this special kitty continue to grow and love life, please contact Ute at petspointofview@gmail.com to get more information about the adoption process.