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Without a doubt, it’s kitten season! We have met so many adorable tiny felines over the past few months. Our featured pet this month is a unique and spunky little black kitten who was a stray found by one of our clients back in July. Luckily, his finder is a Good Samaritan who took care of him by providing a temporary home and taking responsibility for bringing him to our clinic for medical care. His foster-mom nicknamed him “Soot” for his ashy color and the disheveled state he was in when she found him – the poor guy had fleas and ear mites!

At his first visit to Powell Vet to establish care and treat his mites and fleas, Dr. Eddy determined that Soot also has a brain disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia. Essentially, his cerebellum is slightly underdeveloped, which makes him a little uncoordinated and “wobbly” in his movements. He may always be on the smaller side, and due to his lack of coordination, he needs to remain an indoor-only cat for life. Other than this minor disability, Dr. Eddy is confident that he will behave like a normal kitten and will grow up to be a happy, healthy cat.

After a few weeks in his foster home, it became apparent that one of the dogs who already lived there was not such a big fan of the new kitten in his house. Soot’s foster-mom was also having a hard time finding the perfect home for him that could understand his quirks and the necessary accommodations for his diagnosis. Fortunately, this kitten had some very big admirers among the Powell Vet staff – it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with his bright amber eyes and adventurous spirit! During one of his visits to the clinic for his kitten booster vaccinations, our receptionist Erin fell in love with him. After discussing his condition with Dr. Eddy, she felt confident that he would fit in quite well with her family (Erin, her husband, another cat named Ninja Bruce, and a goofy dog named Cortez).

Today, it’s official! The little kitty is comfortable as can be in his new home, and even has a permanent name: Rando Carlissiano (Rando for short). He has a truly voracious appetite, and as a result is growing very quickly. Wobbliness aside, Rando moves around very quickly, and is every bit as mischievous and curious as any other kitten. His coat was all black at first, but now there is a grey striped undercoat coming through. The ever-friendly and energetic Cortez the dog came on a little too strong for Rando at first, but they are well on their way to becoming best friends. They even cuddled together for a nap last week, and Cortez is always happy to “help out” with the food left in Rando’s fur and whiskers after mealtime. We are so pleased that Rando has a new home, and even more pleased that we all get to see him on a regular basis here at the clinic!