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We love senior pets! As our favorite four-legged companions advance in years, our friendships with them become sweeter and often more cherished than when they were just kittens or pups. Our staff here has gotten to know some amazing lifelong friends as we provide the care that our older patients need to live their senior years in comfort and happiness.

The fluffy mutt in the pictures met her person, Andrea (a poor college kid) in 2003 when she was about nine weeks old. Andrea had seen a handwritten sign for “FREE sheep/collie/lab mix puppies” in the grocery store and thought ‘I’ll just take a drive and see some cute puppies, but I won’t be getting one!’. Andrea drove out to a farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and pulled down the long driveway where she was met by a group of kids. She asked to see the puppies and the kids said ‘sure…if we can find them.’ Eventually, after a rather intensive search of the property, they found the little balls of fluff inside a culvert at the far end of the drive, where the children proceeded to throw rocks and pull

the back legs to get the puppies out. Out of pure frustration, Andrea caught the only puppy she could, told the best lie of her life, and asked to take her home to meet her cat. Her actual intention was to take her to the no-kill shelter the next day, where she hoped that surely someone with the money to care for her would take her home.

Needless to say, their story did not end there. The next morning, Andrea took the puppy to her work to let them know she had an ‘errand’ to run, and her coworker (who happened to have 48 sled dogs) said “what a cute puppy! Let’s take her home and give her her shots!” By the end of that day the puppy had a name, Malutka, meaning “small” in Polish, and a fur-ever home with Andrea, who to this day is ever in love.

Since then, Malutka and Andrea have moved across the country, driven the Alaskan Highway twice, and been on more adventures and in more mud puddles than one could count. Malutka now goes to work with Andrea regularly at a teaching training center as a “therapy” dog, and gets lots and lots of treats! The oh-so patient Malutka now has two cat siblings, the geriatric and warmth-loving Cash and the enigmatic Bubbles, and a full-of-energy-oh-my-goodness canine younger sister, Elska.  

Malutka has been coming in to Powell Vet for the last few years to visit Dr. Felton for all her medical needs: be it routine dental cleanings to keep tartar at bay and keep dental disease from causing pain and bad breath, having Dr. Felton examine some mystery lumps and bumps that have grown on Malutka’s skin (don’t worry – they were all low-risk or have been removed!), or treating her pesky allergy issues. Now Malutka is on our Senior Dog Wellness Plan, so it’s even easier for Andrea to bring her in for routine wellness care. We all hope to see her continue to thrive and go on adventures!