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There are plenty of reasons why it seems that cats “own” their people, rather than the other way around. This month’s featured kitty, Otis, is no exception. Otis has been enriching the life of our receptionist, Kristen, for all five years of his life. Our staff recently was introduced to Otis for the first time this month when he turned up at home with an injured paw after an extended adventure outside. Kristen brought Otis in to work with her, and after an examination by Dr. Drennen, some pain medication and some medicated foot soaks (which were not his favorite), Otis’s paw is on the mend and he is back to his cuddly and mischievous self.  

Otis is now five years old, but he was just a tiny kitten when he came home and stole Kristen’s heart. He was a “craigslist kitty” whose previous person was unable to care for him into adulthood. Kristen’s roommate at the time actually brought Otis home as a birthday surprise for her!

Otis’s favorite ways to spend the day include watching squirrels from a safe distance, drinking from abandoned water glasses and then knocking them over, and cuddling (at inconvenient times, like when Kristen is trying to leave the house). Once, Otis pulled a very cliche move and got stuck in a tree he had climbed, and had to be rescued by some yard workers next door! It was a pleasure to meet this handsome guy this month.