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Spring has finally sprung, and it has been a busy month at Powell Veterinary Center! We continue to see plenty of new (furry and not-so-furry) faces at the clinic every day. Our Pet of the Month for April was originally going to be Cosmo the pug mix, who started coming to see us at the beginning of this year and has become one of our favorite (and most stylish!) visitors. However, in light of a recent addition to his family, we’ve decided to make April a special “furry family” feature so our readers can be introduced to both Cosmo and his new little sister, LuLu! Double the adorable!

Cosmo and his two kitty siblings began coming in to Powell Vet with their human, Carol, when Cosmo started to develop a neurological issue affecting his hind end. Carol sought out care with Dr. Lathrop at the recommendation of a friend who volunteers with the Feral Cat Coalition, and says that she is “so so happy that she decided to do so!” She tells us that Dr. Lathrop’s impeccable care has been instrumental in improving Cosmo’s situation, and that the staff at Powell Vet has been “friendly and simply amazing!” Cosmo has been receiving laser therapy for the past several months and not only has the strength in his hind legs stopped worsening, but it has improved! Carol says that “Cosmo loves coming to Powell Vet, especially when we spread peanut butter on the exam table to keep him distracted and standing still… no wonder he loves his treatments so much!”

Carol shared with us how her dogs came into her life and told us about some of the habits and personality quirks that make them so special. Carol brought Cosmo home in March 2008. She had just moved to Portland in the end of 2007 with her two kittens, and had a fenced in yard that convinced her that she wanted a little doggie companion in her life. She found Cosmo on Petfinder.com and drove to Yakima, Washington for a meet-and-greet. Carol remembers how Cosmo let her hold him in her arms belly-side up, and she knew right away that he was the dog for her!

Cosmo is at least 9 years old, which is an estimate as there was no history on him when Carol brought him home from the dog rescue. For the past 8 years he has been her devoted companion and “lap dog extraordinaire!” His favorite place is on the couch, under a blanket, by her side. Carol says that her  mornings aren’t complete without the three Cs: “coffee, couch, and Cosmo time!” Cosmo is a pug mix with unknown components, but her top guess is pug/French bulldog, and he lives up to both of those personalities. Carol says that “while he can be very stubborn at times, he’s quite mellow with the occasional playful streaks of running laps around the house, or random tail chasing. His playful laps around the yard end in him jumping into the daylilies and stomping down a little nest area, happily panting away.” Cosmo also has quite the fashion flair and loves a good sweater! He helps with putting his sweaters on, lifting his legs into the sleeves, and Carol tells us that he really seems to enjoy the compliments he receives when they go out on walks! She says “it’s been a joy to be out with a happy little pug that has a bounce in his step and has put smiles on many faces here in Portland through the past 8 years.”


Cosmo’s new sister LuLu is a French bulldog/cavalier King Charles spaniel mix.  She is 3 1/2 months old, and has been in her new home for just over 3 weeks now. Carol says “she has integrated into our household with no problems, aside from a cranky kitty not necessarily liking her high puppy energy, but she has learned to just steer clear of that kitty. While she is my first pet that is not come from a rescue situation, I have high hopes for her!  The woman that created this mix did so with therapy dogs in mind, needing a therapy dog for her daughter that would be lightweight and not come with the issues purebreds can have.”

Carol tells us that she would love for LuLu to become a “good citizen dog” and a therapy dog that will be able to brighten the day of someone in a hospital or nursing home.  And so far it is looking like that will be a great job for her!  Lulu has started her basic puppy training, and her trainer has said that she’s a confident, bright little girl and a fast learner. During puppy playtime, she doesn’t hesitate to jump right in and play with the bigger dogs (sometimes using Mom’s lap as her safe space). LuLu’s trainer said she’s the bravest puppy she’s seen in there!  So far, LuLu has enjoyed coming to Powell Vet because “she gets love and kisses all around from everyone that works there, and she’s all about giving the puppy kisses back!”


Carol says that “Cosmo and LuLu are getting along very well, and in fact having LuLu in the house has put some pep back into Cosmo.  He has been more playful with toys as well as with LuLu.  So even before LuLu will be able to be a therapy dog for humans, I see her has a therapy dog for Cosmo.  Both LuLu and Cosmo love to be out in the yard on a sunny day, so I’m looking forward to a summer of time with the doggies enjoying sunshiny days.”

Thanks to Carol for sharing her furry family with us!